Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Blog

I have moved our postings to a new blog
Hope you guys will continue to follow and check us out. I will keep this blog up for anyone wanting to look at past blogs, but all future blogs are on our new site.

Friday, January 29, 2010

No soup for you

... unless you eat it at home. David and I have decided that we are going to try our hardest to not eat out for the entire month of February. I know that sounds drastic, and you may be wondering why we don't just limit ourselves, but we really believe we can do this. Plus, it will give me the opportunity to try a lot of the new recipes I have. I'll keep you posted on how things come along.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You've come a long way, baby

Our little man is 2 1/2 months old already! Before Harrison was born, I remember telling David how the thought of giving birth seemed so surreal. Now that I've done it and he is almost 3 months old, the fact that I did give birth to him already now seems surreal. In a way, it seems akin to our wedding day. So wonderful and full of happy memories, yet our actual wedding seems a bit foggy. Don't get me wrong, I remember little details (I think) and what actually took place, but I wish it had been recorded. I was just reading how our memories of events (mostly how we acted) can be somewhat inaccurate; especially when it comes to the details. I feel like I give an accurate portrayal of how Harrison's birth day went down, but perhaps I don't fully remember how I was. I only remember grunting like Xena, Warrior Princess (according to David) at the very end, but maybe I was that way throughout. Hmm...maybe I don't wish anything had been recorded :).
Well, here it is 10 weeks later. My little man has grown from 7 lbs, 13 oz and 21" to a whopping 12 lbs (probably 13 now), 24". He no longer simply eats and then goes back to sleep after being up for maybe 10 minutes. Besides getting bigger, here is a list of some of our chunk 'a monk's developments:

  1. more hair - the hair is becoming fuller and present in more places on his head. He still has a bald spot on the back, though.
  2. lighter eyes - still not sure if they'll turn out blue or not, but right now they have changed from steel grey to blue
  3. bushier eyebrows :) - He definitely has his daddy's eyes. Once those eyebrows started to fill in and get darker it became clear who he was taking after. He has Daddy's beautiful, long eyelashes, too.
  4. sleeping through the night - being a good sleeper, especially at night, was never an issue for Harrison, but we had to wake him up for feedings. Over Christmas, we dropped the 4:30 am feeding, and we got rid of the 10:30 pm feeding almost a week ago. He is now sleeping from 9/9:15 pm - 7:30 am!
  5. moving and grooving - Harrison now moves his arms and legs around like it's a constant dance party. In fact, in light of his new movements we have started dance party in the evenings. He is on the brink of rolling over. He rocks side to side, but has yet to roll over. Tummy time is not his favorite, but we make sure it happens at least twice a day.
  6. head movement - Harrison is raising his head (and chest) off the floor and turning it side to side. He also looks up at us. Sometimes he does Supermans. Little man is getting better at turning to sounds, especially Mommy's voice.
  7. "talking" - Lately we are noticing not just the difference a week or month makes, but a day. We are loving the coos, shrills, and gurgles Harrison is making. They're even better when accompanied by movements and facial expressions. Occasionally, he will wake up before 7:30 and talk to himself before falling back to sleep. It is so precious.
  8. cries - the cries are distinguishable now. We always could tell when he was fussing vs. needing something, but now his cries are different based on what he needs.
  9. alertness - Harrison is not falling asleep as soon as he gets in the car seat, stroller, or carrier. This is nice because he can enjoy our outings more. We can talk to him and he can look around at his surroundings. It's also nice because he can be awake and entertain himself without us being right there with him.
  10. awareness - Harrison is definitely aware of his hands. He will swat at objects above his head, reach out for things and even attempt to grab and bring things toward himself. It's funny when he drops his pacifier and then tries to bring it back up to his mouth with his hand. Obviously, not quite able to do this; at least on purpose.

There are probably other things I am failing to mention, but that gives you an idea of just how quickly Harrison is developing already. He really is our little man. No more snuggles against Mommy's chest or laying in her arms unless he's tired. He wants to see the world and nothing can get in his way! It's definitely bittersweet, but I'm looking forward to cherishing the now and taking lots of pictures to document it along the way.